Burundi Nkongwe Hill - filter

Location: Gaterama, Gitega

Elevation: 1700 - 1900 MASL

Varieties: Bourbon

Processing: Natural


Apple, fruit tea, panels sugar.


Nkongwe is one of the hills that surrounds Gaterama washing station, located in Bugendana region. Coffee is collected by the farmers that live in the area, who carefully select the ripest cherries before processing them to guarantee the quality of the coffee.

For natural processed coffees, after the selection, the coffee is moved directly to the drying tables where they are laid flat on a single layer and turnedevenly every 30 min. This process is done daily until they are well dried.

Soon, they will have organic certification when the trees are bearing fruit next year. They are also training their registered farmers to work towards organic farming techniques as well.