Kenya Kevote AA

Tastes like: Currant, Apricots and lemonade.

Processing: Washed 

Varietal: SL 28, SL 34


Farmers in Kirurumwe Fcs planted their first coffee trees in I950 and the kevote factory was started in 1957 by a group of 100 farmers. Current- ly, the Coop has 3 wet mills: Kevote, Kianjuki and Ngaindethia. The Coop is located in Embu County on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya about 150km north of Nairobi City.

The handpicked cherries are delivered to the wet mill the same day they are picked. Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the pulping then clean river water is used before sun drying and relocation to the dry mill for secondary processing.


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